Welcome to the VALERAS©

Preoperative Optimization Program

If surgery is in your future, and particularly if you suffer with chronic pain, consider asking your surgeon for a referral to our program.

is a Latin word meaning
“to be strong and well.”

is an international medical acronym that stands for...
“Enhanced Recovery After Surgery.”

...The latter cannot happen without the former.

Prepare for your Big Performance.

Think of your upcoming operation as a concert performance, championship game, or even life-on-the-line fight. How well you’ve trained ahead of time is the most important factor – bar none – on the outcome. Going into surgery unprepared can have severe consequences afterward including worsened pain and dysfunction, and markedly reduced quality of life.

75 Combined Years of Navigation

Valeras© is an evidence-based integrated approach to preparing for surgery designed especially for people who suffer with chronic pain. Developed jointly by Northern Anesthesia & Pain Medicine, LLC and Mind Matters Research (with collaboration from Stanford University), we will help you get ready for the big event with a gentle but rigorous schedule addressing three main arenas that have been increasingly shown to worsen outcomes: toxic thought patterns, habits and substances.

Over the course of three months we’ll assist you in taking charge of your health and operation by introducing a better lifestyle. Collectively we’ve been helping people prepare for surgery for more than 75 years, and in our experience those who put the effort in ahead of time come out happy winners.

Take Control of Your Journey.

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