Welcome Briana and Becca!  You will see two new young faces at NAPM this summer helping out at the front desk and also on the clinic and procedure side.  We think they are simply wonderful, not only because of their fine hearts and work, but also because they are some of our children!

We have decided to devote our news column this month to spotlighting them partially because we’re naturally proud of them, but also because we want to highlight something we believe in so strongly that it’s one of our core values:


Love and serve the ones you are placed with  – family, co-workers and community, and the effect of that will spill over to your world.


We choose here at NAPM to respect, encourage, forgive, care for, challenge, and cheer for eachother in our common faith and mission, and we trust that the results are a stronger team that’s better able to use our varied gifts and skills to serve our patients.  “Love one another,” our Chief says, and so with God’s grace that’s a top priority we’d like to acknowledge and continue striving for.



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