We are happy to share that our friends and ministry partners at Set Free Alaska up in the Valley opened their new Valley Oaks women’s residential treatment facility for substance abuse this month.  The facility is located on the new Bogard campus, and has been generously provided by Northgate Alaska church and also through the support of the Matsu Health Foundation and many private donors.  It has been designed to accommodate women and their dependent children for up to eight months in a safe and healthy environment. Individual therapy, group therapy, and life skills coaching in a community environment form the practical offerings of this program, which of course is founded on the underlying mission of SFA to provide a mind-body-spirit approach to recovery for those struggling with addiction, trauma, and/or mental issues.

We have collaborated with SFA to serve many patients over the years, and more recently Dr. McAnally has served as their medical consultant for the past two years.  With that firsthand knowledge of their organization and more importantly the people behing it, and the God they serve, we endorse and bless them in this new level of service wholeheartedly.  Congratulations, friends, and keep shining the Light!

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