Northern Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, LLC, Eagle River, Alaska

We are excited to unveil our new website, artfully and expertly created and maintained by Hatcher Designs. You’ll notice substantial improvements over the old website in terms of aesthetic, and hopefully inspiration. A few things we’d like to mention are some themes we’ve woven into the site; the first being the compass motif which has been a part of our logo (and mission) since our inception. We exist to help guide our patients toward health and wellness, but it is a journey we’re on together, and most importantly we are not the Source of Healing or Life – we just point there.

Secondly if you spend time with the photos we’ve chosen you’ll notice another theme through a good bit of the site : the progression from the dark and foreboding woods, into a place of openness and hope. Even the obstacles in life (represented by the fallen tree at the bottom of the “Conditions Treated” page) such as disease and injury can be turned into stepping stones (as depicted at the top of the “Procedures Performed” page) leading to personal growth and healing. We hope you enjoy perusing the fine photography and Joey Hatcher’s creative genius, and now you know where to find our monthly news updates!

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