Spring is here and along with it among other things, the students are antsy for school to end! (Well, maybe not our medical students… they have internship to look forward to in June.) Every year we enjoy having senior medical students from the University of Washington’s School of Medicine (WWAMI) program rotate through and learn some basics of compassionate and comprehensive pain management, which is something all physicians regardless of specialty have historically reported as a significant gap in their medical education. NAPM’s integrative model, focusing on health promotion and addressing sleep, nutrition, movement, and stress reduction/behavioral health has been a particularly welcome addition to the UW curriculum according to our WWAMI Dean, Dr. Tom Nighswander, and our students this past year (who are heading into family medicine, pyschiatry, opthalmology, and interventional oncology among others) have all agreed.

We hope you enjoy interacting with our students as well, and remember, many of these young people will be returning to Alaska in the near future and may be taking care of us all!

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